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We work hard to bring you affordable financial products that are easy to understand and fit into tight budgets.


Contents insurance

Contents insurance designed for renters from £5 a month. Get a flexible, pay as you go monthly policy from our partner Urban Jungle to cover the things you love. Get a quote in only 2 minutes.
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Address Switching

Canopy Address switching service
Tell everyone you’re changing address within minutes. Save money and hours of your time setting-up your new home. At the click of a button we’ll update your address across all of your chosen accounts, at the same time in one place. We’ll let your new council, water & sewerage provider, HMRC, student loans know your new address, and tell your old one too.
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Income protection

Ever thought about how you’d cope financially if you were too unwell to work? Could you keep up with your rent? If not, income protection could help – an insurance policy that pays out a monthly amount if you’re too unwell to work. Use Anorak’s free online advice tool to find out if you need it and, if so, how much.
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Swap paying a large cash deposit up front for a small one off payment that protects both Renters and Landlords. From just 10% of 8 weeks’ rent to get covered and have more money in your pocket.
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Bike insurance

Avid cyclist, or new bike owner? Laka insurance covers you for theft, damage and third party loss from just £3/month. Their collective cover is designed especially for cyclists, and you can get £10 credit for signing up via Canopy.
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Car insurance

Whether you’re borrowing a car, sharing the trip, or getting your new car home. With our partner, Cuvva you can get flexible, and fair short-term cover - only when you need it.
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Energy bills are a large part of your household spend, so make sure you’ve got the best available deal to avoid overpaying. Check the latest deals with our partner MoneySuperMarket.
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Travel insurance

Need to get away for a short break or planning your next big adventure?
Get hassle-free travel insurance through your smartphone with our partner Pluto.
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