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Canopy lets you close deals faster with renters you can trust. No paperwork, no time wasting and no more second guessing.


Qualify tenants in seconds, with full view of their rental history
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Find credit-conscious renters and enjoy not having to chase late payments
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By offering tenants products to make renting simpler
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Snail-paced deals? No deal

Canopy gives you access to better data so you can screen tenants more thoroughly. Plus with our time-saving referencing tools, you can close deals faster, too.

How it works

Canopy makes renting easier, faster and fairer for agents, with not one magic wand in sight.

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Request a rent passport™

Enter the applicant’s email address and hit ‘Send request’

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Tennant shares data

We’ll send them an email and in-app notification, explaining how to share their RentPassport™

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Automated reference checks

You’ll gain instant access to the information you’ll need in order to complete a tenancy agreement

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Based off 10,000 annual references at a cost of £25 per reference compared to £12 charged by us.

We’re making renting faster, cheaper and easier for all. With no hidden fees and the ability to cancel at any time - see how much you can save using our savings calculator.

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Rent Protection & Legal Expenses Insurance

Protect your landlords from a loss of income by providing comprehensive cover. We’ve teamed up with Alan Boswell Group (ABG) to provide Rent Protection Insurance which protects the landlord’s rent for up to 15 months.

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In partnership
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We chose Canopy as our exclusive partner for tenant referencing in 2018 because of the


Canopy rent tracking solution allows our residents to improve their credit scores by simply tracking their monthly rent.

A good credit score could save our residents on things like loans, credit cards, insurance and better mortgage rates. Our residents can also access a range of affordable financial products from Canopy like on-demand bike insurance and contents insurance through the Canopy platform.

Christian Armstrong

Director of Brand, Product & Technology

We launched with Canopy in Feb 2020 initially with four branches; since we have expanded to 16 branches. The team at Canopy is responsive to our referencing requirements, and we are


at which Canopy product team has made the changes to referencing reports based on
our criteria.

Simon Wood

Head of Operations


in adjusting their criteria for referencing to allow it to fit within our working model and worked swiftly to deliver an API integration to support our CRM requirements.

We look forward to launching with their services. In shaping the future of rental market, we have opted to work with Canopy due to the holistic financial wellness nature of their platform, which adds value to Chancellors, as well as to our landlords and tenants.

Robert Scoot-Lee

Managing Director

Wellbeing is at the heart of what we do at Moda, carefully selecting our partners to best support our residents, from mental and physical health with our fitness partner Hero, and now to


Canopy rent tracking solution allows our residents to improve their credit scores by simply tracking their monthly rent.

Being able to offer our residents a holistic financial wellness platform.  Including the ability for them to improve their Experian credit score by simply tracking monthly rental payments, is really exciting and continues to place us as a leading Build-to- Rent brand in
the UK.

Tony Brooks

Managing Director

“We have thoroughly enjoyed using the Canopy software. We find the system very effective and simple to use, the team behind the scenes have also been outstanding with working alongside our office.


Ben Symonds

Branch Manager

We launched with Canopy in 2018. By helping people rent their ideal home, Canopy’s products and services


to our residents and enables Scottish renters to improve their credit scores by tracking monthly rental payments.

Gillian McLees

Director of Build to Rent

We as a property management company have been using Canopy for almost 2 years now.


and regular feedback is conveyed back to us.

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What happens if a tenant doesn't want to connect their bank?

Once they’ve opted-in, Open Banking allows the tenant to verify their income and rent payments in a matter of seconds. If they’d prefer not to opt-in, that’s okay – we can verify their income manually.

Do you accept benefits?

Yes, we do. Your tenant will need to provide their income details along with supporting evidence. This could include: an entitlement/award letter or their three most recent fully itemised bank statements. For Universal Credit, we also accept the latest three months’ pay statements.

Is the credit check a soft search?

Yes. As Canopy’s searches aren’t visible to other companies, they won’t impact a renter’s credit score––no matter how many times they check their credit with us.

How long does it take to get a full reference back?

We aim to get a full reference back to you within 12 hours, but this depends on how quickly we get a response from the renter’s employer and previous landlord. To speed things up, we’ll send them automated reminders––and you’ll always be kept in the loop with real-time updates, too.

As soon as their RentPassportTM is complete, we’ll let you know. While you’re waiting, you can log into your Canopy account and see the latest screening status, meaning you can make informed decisions at any point of the process.

What information will I see through OpenBanking?

You’ll be able to see up to 12 months’ worth of salary and rent payments. We share only the relevant data so you don’t have to trawl through someone’s bank statement. See example report

Why is Canopy so cheap?

We don’t have legacy systems. Instead, we’ve built our service using the very latest technology, which allows us to digitalise many parts of the process. That keeps costs and waiting times down for everyone. Win-win.

Do I need to sign into a contract?

No. We’re confident in our service, so we won’t tie you down to a contract. As long as you agree with our T&Cs, we can have you set up in minutes, at no cost to you.

Are there platform fees?

There are no monthly subscriptions or setup costs. We keep it simple: your first 30 days completely free and after that you only pay £5+VAT for each full reference you do.

What integration options are available?

We have an open API so you can plug into any CRM software of your choosing. Get in touch and we’ll happily tell you more about the CRMs we are already integrated with.

Do you reference students?

Yes, we can perform both instant and full referencing on students. We accept Scholarship, Bursary and Sponsorship (see our referencing criteria here).

What is your guarantor criteria?

Guarantors must:

  • Be based in the UK
  • Earn at least 36 times the monthly rental income per annum (in order to cover the renter's rent)
  • Be confirmed as being a resident at the address(es) they have provided for the credit check and have no adverse credit history
  • Be a homeowner
Do you perform Right To Rent checks?

Yes, we can check the authenticity of documents from 191 countries using facial likeness verification. We also take away any GDPR headaches by storing these documents securely for you. However, it is a government requirement that a face to face check is performed on the renter’s ID by the agent/landlord in person.

Can you do a credit check on someone from overseas?

We perform credit checks on all tenants, but if they’ve not lived in the UK for more than 3 years, it might be difficult to find a credit file with sufficient data for us to verify with confidence.

How do you calculate affordability?

The tenant must earn at least 30 times the monthly rent.

Still have a question? View our help pages or drop us a line
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