Renting made rewarding

Canopy aims to make it cheaper, faster, and easier to rent a home.
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Help millions of Renters achieve greater financial resilience, by improving Rental Health

Canopy No Cash Deposits by 2025Stamp Shadow
OUR Pledge
Eliminate all forms of rental deposits by 2025
Put £1,200 back in renters' wallets
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Instant Screening

Get instantly approved to rent a property

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Canopy Rent Passport app screen
Canopy Free Referencing
No more paperwork

Verify your income through secure Open Banking

Canopy Rent Passport app screen
Canopy Free Referencing
Share your RentPassport™

Agents and Landlords can access your RentPassport™

Canopy Rent Passport app screen
Canopy Free Referencing

Say no to endless forms

Spend 10–15 minutes# entering your screening details in your Rent PassportTM, then share it with your new letting manager or landlord each time you move (instead of starting from scratch each time you move).

Verify income

Connect with your bank account to quickly and securely prove you can pay rent without having to share your entire bank statement or upload payslips.

Verify credit history

Complete a soft credit check in minutes.

Share your RentPassport™

Send your details to the letting agent or landlord and you're on your way to a new home.


Save money on your deposit

Replace your traditional large cash deposit with a simple DepositFree™ insurance plan that also protects you if you lose your job, or become seriously ill*.

Pay less

On average you pay 10% of the price of a cash deposit

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Get your deposit back

If you've already moved in, you can get a quote and request your deposit back

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Instant cover and more

Your rent is covered for up to 8 weeks in case of life events, such as if you lose your job or become seriously ill

Canopy Deposit Free app screen
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Canopy Free Rent Tracking

Improve your credit score

Make the money you spend on rent count for something! Improve your credit score by simply tracking your rent payments through Open Banking.

Rent payments reported to Experian
Pay the same way you pay now
Get rewards for paying rent
Boost your credit report discMake it count stamp
Get a instant DepositFree™ quote
Your passport to greater Rental Health
A home for everyone
Every human being has the right to a safe roof over their head and the opportunity to build a better life.
We pledge 3% of our profits to charities that alleviate homelessness.
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