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Access useful insights to better understand your credit score and finances.

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What is credit profile?

Credit Profile allows you to access your credit score and detailed credit report to better understand and improve your credit and finances.

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Personalised insights to help you target ways which you can to boost your score and improve your finances.
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Access to tools e.g. Credit Score Simulator to create and visualise your plan of action to maximise your credit score.
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How does credit profile work?

Here’s how you can unlock valuable financial insights using our Credit Profile tool:

Sign up to CanopyGrow Premium
Choose our Premium subscription tier.
Locate your Credit Profile
Input your details and verify your ID to securely access your credit data.
View your updated Credit Profile
Discover personalised insights and ways which you can boost your score.

More than just your credit data

Credit Profile includes some other fantastic tools to help you improve your credit score & finances.

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Score simulator

Simulate your credit score in order to create a solid plan of action. With this tool you’ll be able to visualise all the small steps you can take which will gradually improve your credit score over time.

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Finance Score

Examine your Finance Score and get personalised tips on how you can improve it. View detailed insights on what you’re doing right as well as what’s holding you back.

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How do I access my Credit Profile?

Your Credit Profile is available when you sign up for our CanopyGrow Premium subscription. When you click the Credit Profile tile on the Canopy Grow screen you will be asked to submit your ID verification, date of birth and address details. Equifax needs this information in order to find your Credit Profile.

How often does my credit profile get updated?
  • Your credit profile will be updated monthly.
  • We will send you an email each month to notify you that your credit report has been updated.
Why do I need to provide ID verification to access my credit profile?

You need to verify your identity to ensure we are providing you with the correct credit score and report.

Will checking my credit score harm my credit score?

No, we do not need to undertake a hard search in order for you to access this data.

What’s the difference between your Credit Score and Finance Score?

Your finance score looks into your everyday spending from all of the bank accounts connected to Canopy. Your finance score helps give lenders an overview of your future and your credit score looks at the history.

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