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What is clevercredit?

CleverCredit is a tool that reports your CanopyGrow Premium subscription payments to credit referencing agencies to help give your credit a boost.

We’ll report your rent payments to  the largest CRA’s in the UK.
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We treat your subscription payments as a risk-free credit agreement, so each month you're
boosting your credit.
No paperwork needed, no pre-approval, no hard credit checks.

How does Clevercredit work?

We do all the work for you with this simple and secure Credit Building tool — here’s how it works:

Sign up to CanopyGrow Premium
Choose our Premium subscription tier.
Setup payment
Choose either monthly or annual subscription payment.
Activate CleverCredit
We’ll then automatically report your subscription payments every month to Equifax.


How do I sign up to CleverCredit?

Once you have subscribed to our CanopyGrow Premium subscription you have the option to activate CleverCredit. You simply need to supply your address and date of birth and activate CleverCredit then we will start reporting your subscription payments to Equifax.

How much will my score increase with CleverCredit?

There is no way to guarantee your credit score will change. This is because different credit reference agencies may factor in different things when forming your credit score. We can, however, confirm that Canopy will report your payments and CleverCredit will help build your credit history, which is the largest factor in any credit score. For more information on what goes into your credit score, click here. (link to credit profile screen)

Do I need to pass a credit check?

You don't need to pass a credit check to use CleverCredit you will, however, need to supply your current address and date of birth in order to access CleverCredit.

How soon will CleverCredit appear on my credit report?

Canopy will report your payments on the 15th of the following month. As long as you pay your subscription each month, we will report the data every month.

You will be able to see a difference in your credit score, and how soon is dependent on Equifax.

Will a hard check be required to sign up for CleverCredit?

No, as this is not a credit application we will not need to conduct a hard check.

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