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HomeBox customers get a monthly CanopyGrow Premium subscription (worth £7.99 per month) absolutely FREE! All you have to do is apply your unique 'HomeBox' code received via email at checkout!


With CanopyGrow Premium, we will report your HomeBox payments to Experian and Equifax to give you an extra credit score boost.

What is CanopyGrow?

CanopyGrow is a collection of credit building tools to help you improve your Credit History & Credit Score.

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Report your HomeBox payments for an extra credit score boost

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Track your rental payments to build your credit score

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Credit Profile


Better understand your credit score and finances

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See how small changes can affect your credit score



Turn your HomeBox payments into credit points with our automatic CleverCredit tool.

Simple and secure. We treat your HomeBox payments as a risk-free credit agreement so each month you pay you’re boosting your credit.
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Zero effort. No paperwork needed, no pre-approval — simply sign up for CanopyGrow Premium and we’ll handle the rest.


Make your biggest expense work for you — build your credit score passively by reporting your rental payments.

RentTracking is quick and easy to set up. Once it’s active, your rental payments get tracked automatically.
We’ll report your rental payments to the big three UK credit referencing agencies in order to maximise benefits.

Credit Profile

Access your credit score and report, plus gain useful insights to better understand your credit and finances.

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View your lastest credit report and get personalised tips on how you can improve your credit score.
Examine detailed insights on what you’re doing right, what’s holding you back, and what urgently needs to change.

Score Simulator

Visualise all the small steps you can take to gradually improve your credit score over time.

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Slide the scales in areas where you feel you could make certain changes, then implement them!
See how small changes such as altering the number of cash advances from credit cards can affect your credit score.

How to claim CanopyGrow Premium for FREE

To get your Premium subscription free of charge, first check your email for your unique promo code.

Once you've created an account, head over to the CanopyGrow tab. Continue to purchase a monthly CanopyGrow Premium subscription. Input your unique code on the Stripe checkout screen where it says ‘Add promotion code’, then continue to checkout — you will not be charged.

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How does CanopyGrow improve my Credit Score?

CanopyGrow will give you access to tools such as CleverCredit and Rent Tracking which will help you grow your credit score by reporting your data once setup to the Credit Referencing Agencies. You can view your personalised insights on other ways to grow your credit score by activating your Credit Profile.

Can my Credit Score go down?

Your credit score is made up of thousands of pieces of data. CanopyGrow will help improve your credit score but there is no guarantee your score will increase overall as there could be other areas of your credit profile potentially affecting your credit score.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can cancel your subscription anytime in your settings area.

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