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Whether you’re moving into a furnished or unfurnished home, there can often be a lot missing from your new place. When wrapped up in the stress of moving, it can be easy to forget the key essentials to making your house a home.

So, to avoid having one of those ‘oh no’ moments and the extra hassle, we've compiled a list of the top 5 things that first-time renters should get hold of before moving into their new home.

1. Cleaning supplies

Flash, Dettol, Fairy, you need it all. It’s always a good idea to make sure you give your new home a thorough clean when you move in. The landlord or agent should have arranged a deep clean after the previous tenants left, but it can give you peace of mind to do some scrubbing yourself. As a tenant, accidents do happen, whether you have children or you’re just clumsy, and you might not get your full deposit back if that stain on the wall or mark on the floor isn’t dealt with immediately. So, stock up on the cleaning tools in advance and have the rubber gloves at the ready.

2. Extension cord

We’re spoilt for choice with technology, but with that comes all those pesky wires. There are only so many sockets available, so to ensure you can charge your phone, laptop, headphones and all your various gadgets, buy an extension cord. The limited availability of sockets is one thing, but if they’re hidden away in corners of the room then it can make life a little difficult. This is not always an easy find at your local shop, so if buying an extension cord will save the hassle, head to a DIY store or a large supermarket. 

3. Security system

Dependant on where you’re located and the style of housing you’re moving into, it’s important to secure your safety. Have a word with your landlord about the area and what safety precautions are in place, and if there’s a house alarm, spend time getting to grips with how you work it. There are other things you can do to feel safer, such as replacing flimsy blinds with blackout curtains or buying a portable safety door lock. Also make sure that you know how to lock all the doors and windows in your new home, including in any outbuildings. It’s easy to forget the ‘what if’s’ when you’re wrapped up in the excitement of independence. In the unfortunate and unlikely case of items being lost, stolen or damaged, check out Canopy’s app which offers great benefits like contents insurance.

4. A spare key

Picture this: you run out to the shop to buy the extension cord you’d forgotten but realise you don’t have your keys. Instead of having to bug your landlord so soon, or being stranded outside for hours, cut a spare key as soon as. This isn’t always top of the to-do list and not something you can always do in advance, but once you’ve received your key you should cut another one. It then might be beneficial to keep the keys in different areas of your home, so it is less likely you’ll forget when you go out.

5. Survival kit

In the flurry of moving your life from one place to the next, you can easily forget to take the essential items that you need for moving day. You don’t want to settle down after heaving your belongings around and then remember that you have no tea bags or milk for a cup of tea, or you haven’t stocked up on toilet roll or have any towels to hand. Think about what you need in your survival kit and it will make moving day all that bit smoother.

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