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Moving into new accommodation can be a fun and exciting part of your life. But sometimes making the simplest of choices, such as which bedroom you’ll have, can become a bit a tricky. So we've thought about some of the things you should consider when deciding what room you want to take.

  1. Space

It seems obvious, but it may not always be something you consider in the rush of picking. Always try to choose the room that offers you the right amount of space for your needs, whether that be the need for a desk, chair, extra wardrobe space or a bigger bed. Extra space will stop you feeling trapped in your comfort zone. 

  1. Storage

It’s important to remember that while the room might initially look the part, it will quickly become disorganised if you’re unable to put your things away. Storage levels are key to keeping your room decluttered. Consider how much space you realistically need before even seeing the room - this way you won’t be immediately swayed by aesthetically pleasing features.

  1. Existing Features

Keep an eye out for cool additions that will enhance the appearance of your room, such as fireplaces, but make sure they’re not causing any issues, such as drafts. This is a cost-efficient way to make your room feel like your own but do think about whether or not they are a value-add, or simply taking up space.

  1. Plugs

Having limited access to plugs will quickly become annoying, and your room will soon become cluttered with extension cables to be able to make them work. When you are looking around a room, do check where the plugs are situated. If you want to watch TV from a certain angle, you’ll struggle if the plug and TV socket are on the other side of the room.

  1. Lighting

Think about the kind of appearance and atmosphere you want your room to have. Do the main light fixtures achieve that, or will you need to invest in some lamps? If the way the room is lit is putting you off from choosing it, consider how you could change this with a different arrangement of lampshades or different lightbulbs. It can make a world of difference.

  1. Windows 

It’s important to factor in everything your window gives you, from light to energy efficiency. Double check that your windows are double-glazed so you aren’t over-paying to keep your room heated. Also, have a look and see what noise might creep in during your day. Even in the suburbs, noise pollution from people using their gardens can be a hinderance for you if you’re using that room to work or relax. 

It’s also a good idea to check which side the house is facing. Depending on where the sun rises, you may need to invest in some good curtains.”

  1. Location

Consider the location of the room. Is it right next to kitchen or living room? In other words, will you be the last to go to sleep if friends are round. What about the toilet and shower? Are you close to the internet router? It may be that you need to invest in Wi-Fi-boosters to ensure that you can still watch Netflix in their rooms. 

  1. Heating

Another factor which might not immediately come to mind is your heating options. Check that the radiators are of good quality to keep you warm enough in the winter, or else you will need to invest in a good duvet and plenty of blankets.

  1. Rent

Before you go to view any rooms, work out how much you can realistically afford. If your heart is set on a room that is out of your budget, it will make the decision much easier if you know immediately rather than once you have started to plan where all your things will go. 

A lot of flatmates like to split the rent by room size and features. It’s important to bear this in mind, as the best room might also be the most expensive.

  1. Your new flatmates

Lastly, it’s really important to consider if the people you’ll be flat sharing with are the people you actually want to live with. If your flatmates become a nightmare, no room in the world will sort that for you. 

It’s not always possible, but if you get the chance, take them out for a quick drink and you’ll learn a lot about them, not only from their discussion, but from the way they behave too.

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