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Renting out a property is getting easier thanks to rapid advances in technology, and current conditions are perfect for small-scale Landlords who want all the buy-to-let benefits with minimum effort.

Canopy is proud to be one of the letting industry’s true innovators and we’re working with Agents to prove it’s possible to fill your let quickly and reliably – cutting the time it takes to find, reference and move in good Renters.

If you’re an ‘accidental’ Landlord with an inherited property, Joe Bloggs looking to replace a pension with a property or an investor with one or two buy-to-lets, some careful choices will increase the success rate of your rental without any hard work on your part.

Follow these simple steps – they can make all the difference:-

Choose the right Agent – a diligent Agent with a dedicated management department will unburden you instantly. Start your research with personal recommendations; check your Agent belongs to an industry body and browse online reviews before appointing anyone. Don’t forget, ask your Agent if they work with Canopy or plan to do so in the future.

Give your let a head start – stand out from the crowd by offering DepositFree renting – guaranteed to give your property an eye-catching advantage. For this to happen you’ll need to work with an Agent already partnering with Canopy or suggest to your current agent they should work with us.

Assess great Renters quickly – the referencing process can takes weeks – leaving your let empty and losing money – so choose a system that swiftly gives Renters the green light. The traditional and often slow referencing process can be replaced by our RentPassport. This allows Landlords to see a full Experian Credit Check and a Renter’s rent payment history in a matter of minutes.

Opt for full management – if you don’t want to be bothered by a Renter’s burst pipe at 1am or feel apprehensive about lettings legislation, opt for a full management service. You’ll have a dedicated professional taking care of day-to-day management and ensuring your let is legally compliant. Add in an accountant and you’ve got a hand-off investment.

If you’d like to recommend Canopy to your Agent, pass on their details to us and we’ll do the rest.

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