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With the hustle and bustle of Christmas around us, the countdown to the 'boxing day bounce' has begun for renters. This unique period between Christmas and New Year’s triggers a surge in the property market. It’s a time when many of us, between savouring the holiday feast and enjoying festive movies, set out on a quest to find our new homes. Property portals are buzzing, experiencing their peak traffic during this period, as renters and buyers flood in seeking their next abode.

So what causes the ‘Boxing day bounce’? Well over Christmas some of us have a house full with family cramped into all corners, grabbing the deck chairs from the garden for aunts and uncles to sit on and this can get people thinking… Maybe it’s time to expand or it would be nice to have a bigger dining room next year. Likewise many of us may have a quiet home this year and decide there's no need for all the extra space and it could be time to downsize. 

Here are 3 key tips to help you be boxing day bounce ready:

1. Know exactly what you’re looking for: Filter, filter, filter. This will be your best friend while searching for your new home. Start by creating a list of must haves and likes. Think about what’s essential to your household and what would be nice. For example is a speedy Wi-Fi connection or a pet-friendly setup more important than a parking space? Once you have your list use the filter on the search platforms to get rid of the properties you’re not interested in so you know exactly what you’re working with!

2. Sign up to properly alerts: Ever called about a property that has ‘Just been added’ and it’s already gone? Well, Some of us may just think signing up to property notifications is just a marketing email that’s junk but many agents send a new property over to the renter (if it suits their criteria) before it even goes live! Yep. who’d have known! Platforms like our partners OnTheMarket are good to sign up to because they list lots of properties 24 hours before any of the other players in the market.

3. Be Rent Ready: This might be the most important step to help you get ahead of the rest of the market! So you have your list, you’ve checked it twice and you’re signed up to property alerts. Why not take it one step further and get ahead of your competitors. Signing up to Canopy can allow you to get rent ready in a matter of minutes. Meaning you can view your rental affordability and be ready to go once you find that property because a huge number of agents all over the UK use Canopy for their referencing!

Embrace the Boxing Day Bounce by being proactive and organised in your search for a new rental home. By defining your needs, staying ahead with alerts, and being rent-ready, you'll be well-prepared to navigate the surge in the property market during this festive period.

Happy house hunting!

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