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Looking for a stress-free move into your new rental property in the UK? Our comprehensive rental move-in checklist covers everything you need to know, from essential documents like gas safety certificates and energy performance certificates to practical tasks like setting up utilities and internet services. Ensure you're prepared for a smooth transition with our step-by-step guide.

The checklist provides more detailed info on the items below.

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✓ Inventory List: Document property condition and contents

✓ Gas Safety Certificate: Ensures gas appliances are safe

✓ Energy Performance Certificate: Rates energy efficiency

✓ "How to Rent" Guide: Essential info for England tenants

✓ Deposit Protection Confirmation: Ensure deposit protection

✓ Landlord's Name and Address: Legal requirement

✓ Cleanliness: Meet tenancy agreement standards

✓ Meter Readings: Record gas, electricity, and water

✓ Working Smoke Alarms: Ensure proper installation

✓ Insurance: Check for tenant liability coverage

✓ Appliance Manuals: Keep for reference

✓ Internet & TV Setup: Arrange according to preference

✓ Waste Collection: Know local schedule and rules

✓ Joining Local Services: Integrate into community

Hope this helps for a smooth move-in!

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