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Not in love with your landlord’s choice in décor? While there might be limits in how much you can redecorate your rental, there’s plenty you can do to give your pad that personal feel.

So of course there are the obvious things that you’ve probably already read about - like 

adding plants, using removable wallpaper, mixing up the lighting with different types of table and floor lamps, introducing decorative accessories like poufs and cushions, but we thought it would make more interesting reading to take a look at some of the more unusual or different things you could do to provide a decent vibe to your rental.

So here are our alternative ideas on how you can make your home feel more personal without breaking the bank or your rental agreement. 

1. Reflecting You:

Start with yourself! Showcase your interests, whether it's travel, family, art, fashion, or cars. Incorporate items that represent you, like funky fridge magnets, trinkets from holidays, or family photos. Designing your space to reflect your personality doesn't have to be costly; it's about choosing things that bring you joy.

2. Aromatherapy Ambiance:

Transform your home's atmosphere with scents. Beyond air fresheners, consider reed diffusers or scented candles for a warm and inviting feel. Fresh flowers not only enhance the fragrance but also add a touch of beauty to your space.

3. Mirrors for Magnitude:

Optimise the power of mirrors to make a small space feel larger and brighter. Affordable options can be found at local charity shops, offering unique styles to enhance your decor.

4. Literary Side Table:

For book lovers with a surplus, create a side table by stacking books and adding a tabletop material. Just ensure you're not planning to read the books again anytime soon!

5. Expressive Doormats:

Let your personality shine with a doormat that's both functional and fun. Whether humorous or tied to your favorite TV show, it's a unique way for visitors to get to know you before entering your space.

6. DIY Storage Solutions:

While adding new units may be restricted, implement DIY storage solutions like a freestanding pot rack or a pegboard in the kitchen to organize pots and pans effectively.

7. Indoor Herb Garden:

Bring greenery into your home with an indoor herb garden. Easy to maintain and adding a touch of freshness, they're a win-win solution, especially when placed in stylish pots.

8. Shower Upgrades:

Enhance your bathroom experience by replacing the shower head for better pressure and updating the shower curtain to suit your taste. Small changes can make a significant impact on your daily routines.

So, why settle for a generic living space when you can transform it into a reflection of your identity? Embrace the unconventional, experiment with these ideas, and watch as your rental evolves into a unique and inviting sanctuary tailored just for you. After all, home is where your heart—and your personal touch—is.

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