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If you’re a Landlord, it’s all about the three Fs – flow (that’s cash); filled (with high quality tenants) and fast (your let occupied quickly) but this combination is getting harder to achieve. Recent research by the Office for National Statistics revealed rent rises are currently subdued, with slim margins that don’t translate to significant gains.

Pressure on profitability is also being compounded by the start of the new 2018-19 tax year. As of the 6th April 2018, Landlords can only claim higher-rate tax relief on 50% of their buy-to-let mortgage interest, resulting in a further squeeze on cash flow.

A relaxed attitude to void periods and Renters is now a thing of the past. More diligence is needed in difficult times and a focus on the three Fs - flow, filled and fast – is crucial. This is where Canopy can help.

Our DepositFree insurance – offered via lettings agents on a nationwide basis - is revolutionising buy-to-let for the benefit of Landlords and Renters. Here’s how:

  • Fill - attract more Renters – DepositFree renting is a massive selling point. In fact, Canopy’s insurance product will save Renters an average of £900*, giving your let a competitive edge
  • Fast - speed up referencing - Renters using Canopy build a RentPassport – a log of payment details combined with rigorous screening and credit checks powered by Experian. RentPassport  speeds up referencing, cuts void periods and gives Landlords a trusted, transparent snapshot of potential Renters
  • Flow - minimise voids – why engage in dragged out deposit disputes that could leave your let (and bank account) empty for weeks? Our DepositFree insurance has an easy claims process, allowing Landlords to make good and move on without delay

If you’d like to enjoy these benefits, choose a Agent who is already partnering with Canopy or recommend our DepositFree insurance to your current Agent.

*Average deposit in England & Wales is almost £1,000 (Deposit Protection Service) v a UK average Canopy payment of £100 per tenancy

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