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Moving home is never easy, from packing boxes, clearing the fridge, cleaning up to  remembering to let everyone know you’re moving, there’s a lot involved and it can be costly too! Did you know that the average renter ends up spending £670* in additional costs every time they move? 

So we’ve come up with some handy hacks and clever ways to help save you money on your next move.

  1. Move during the week

Most people tend to move at the weekend and towards the end of the month. But charges are higher at weekends and during peak times - so switch your move date to during the week and ask your moving company if they offer a reduced or discounted rate if you choose a day during the week.  

  1.  Save on the bubble wrap

Instead of forking out money on bubble wrap and professional packing material - why not use these alternatives for packing your items. Use sheets and towels to wrap and protect fragile items. Newspapers are great for covering and protecting crockery items. And even plastic bags are great for packing and filling gaps in boxes to provide added protection.

  1. DIY Removals 

Another handy way of saving on your move is to rope in family and friends on actually moving items. Esp, if any of them have a set of wheels you can borrow. Then you don’t need to fork out for a removals company. And if you are going down the DIY route make sure you shop around and get the best deal on van hire. 

  1. Throw a cleaning party

Save on getting the professionals in to clean up your old place. Why not throw a cleaning party - crank up the music, get the rubber gloves and cleaning material at the ready then get your mates round for a spot of cleaning whilst boogying to the music. You can always thank them with pizza or dinner when you’ve moved into your new place! 

  1. Get free furnishings.

Need to furnish your new place? You can get top quality things from sofas, beds, TVs, fridges and more by using web communities. The big names are Freecycle and Freegle. There’s no catch. Instead of selling goods on ebay, people are choosing to help out their local communities So get your new place kitted out for free. 

*Source MSM

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