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So you’ve found the place, secured the deposit and are looking forward to moving into your new place. But what else do you need to remember to do? It can feel like there is a never ending list of things to remember when moving home - which can become quite stressful. 

But there’s no need to get stressy - as we’ve compiled a handy moving checklist to help guide you through the moving process. See below or Download the guide now.

1 Month before you move

  • Need help moving? Book a professional removal company to help you move your stuff.
  • Declutter - have a good sort out, get rid of the junk, sell or give away any unwanted items.
  • Make a contact list. The amount of people you need to update when you move can feel never-ending. So write a list. Aside from friends and family, think about council tax, HMRC, TV licence, DVLA, store cards and banks amongst many others. Tick off as you go along. 
  • Order packing materials and start collecting boxes to help you transport your belongings. (Unless your removal company has this covered)
  • Does your new pad need a new look? If so, get ordering new furniture and be sure to delay the delivery date until after you have moved in. 
  • Start packing the non-essentials e.g pictures, spare duvets etc.

2 weeks before you move

  • Fresh is normally best  - but not when you’re about to move and have a stack load in the freezer. Start clearing your freezer contents down and only shop for the things you really need.
  • Arrange for the professionals to clean the place up so the property is left in good order.
  • Contact Royal Mail to get your mail to redirected.
  • Sort out the utilities in your new home – gas, electricity, broadband, telephone. Get the best deals by shopping around.
  • Children and pets need to be kept safe, so sort out care for them so moving day can go smoothly.
  • Don’t forget to cancel deliveries of newspapers, milk etc.
  • Prepare to be safe in your new house - get contents insurance for your new home.

1 week before your move

  • Start packing those boxes - making sure you label boxes clearly, so you can easily unpack. 
  • Time to clean your old home and tidy the garden up (if you’ve got one! And you’re not using the professionals to spruce it up).
  • Defrost and clean the freezer.
  • If you haven’t done it yet then let the important people know of your change of address like your bank, TV Licensing, credit cards etc.
  • Don’t forget to take pics of each room and area, esp. if you’re concerned you may have issues with getting your deposit back.

The day before your move

  • Make a separate box for the things you’ll need straight away at your new home. Top items to pack: important docs, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, kettle, PJs and toilet roll.
  • Check in with your removal company and confirm the arrival time and let them know of any last minute changes.

Moving Day!

  • Don’t get overcharged. Make sure to get a final reading for gas, electric and water (take photos if you can) and let your utility companies know, then turn down the thermostat and turn off the water heater – especially if you don’t know when the next people will move in.
  • Leave contact dets for the new occupants or letting agents of your old house, in case they want to forward on any post
  • Check all windows and doors are locked and that you’ve not left anything behind
  • Collect the keys for your new home and hand in your old ones
  • Check out your new place properly. Identify any damage or issues you may need to raise with the landlord/agents. Take photos as evidence if you need to.
  • Take the meter readings of the new property

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