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Make sure you’re not paying over the odds or getting short changed in your next rental property by asking the right questions when you’re on a viewing. 

Aside from the obvious questions like how much is it going to cost?, what’s transport like? And who’s responsible for what? You need to make sure you ask these key 9 questions:

1. What if there’s an emergency situation?

God forbid anything bad happens during your tenancy. But it’s always good to know who you should contact in case of an emergency. E,g if you were to get locked out or if there’s a burst pipe. And It’s especially good to know who the contact is out of hours.

2. What’s the internet speed like?

As more and more streaming services pop up and working from home becomes even more prevalent, it’s important that the broadband speed is sufficient for your needs. So don’t be afraid to ask about this - as the last thing you’d want is a juddery video call or being huddled in 1 room to get internet access.

3. Can you talk to the current tenants?

Talking to the current tenants will give you a good idea of what it’s like to live there - as they’re likely to tell you warts and all! Think of some questions to ask them for example - what’s the shower like? Does it get noisy at night? What are the neighbours like? Etc..

4. What does furnished look like?

 If you are going for a property that is fully or partially furnished it’s probably wise to ask what exactly is included. As, the chances are that what you’re viewing won’t all be included in rental - as tenants often bring or add to a property when renting. E.g microwaves or dryers. 

5. How recently have gas and electricity checks been done?

You’d like to think you’re moving into a safe and secure property - so don’t leave it to chance - ask the question and don’t be afraid to ask to see a copy of the certificates (EPC rating should be at least band E.) or to check appliances to make sure they are in working order.     

6. Is there a working carbon monoxide alarm?

By law all properties are required to have these, so be sure to check and ask if these are all in working order as you don’t want to be putting your life at risk.

7. Is it ok to paint the walls?

If you’ve found the perfect property but it’s not to your high standards in the decor department, then you should definitely ask if you can zuch it up - as some landlords will be ok with this whilst others may limit the scale of changes they are willing to accept. 

8. How’s the water and heating?

The last thing you want is to move into a property where the water pressure is low and the shower is a trickle or the heating is not working properly. So make sure the boiler is up to scratch - whether a combi or standard boiler.  

9. Can you replace or fix this?

Take a good look around and if you spot anything that is broken or damaged make sure to ask if it can be fixed or replaced. E,g fridge freezer lights not working or dodgy handle on the oven. Asking upfront will save you the hassle when you move in. If they can’t fix it or replace it before you move in - take a picture to ensure it’s logged in the inventory.

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