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Agents and landlords are looking for qualified tenants to let their properties to. Qualified tenants are those that can prove they are financially responsible, indicating they have the ability to pay the rent and have rule abiding behaviour - meaning you’re not going to trash the place. 

The landlord or agent will be hoping  for more than just a good credit score and a clean criminal record in their tenants. There are certain qualities that are difficult to screen for, but if you try and achieve these then it will make you stand out as the perfect tenant and help you beat the competition when trying to land your next rental. 

Pay your Rent on time

Pay the rent on time! A great landlord-tenant relationship involves making regular rent payments in exchange for having a place to live.  Making sure you pay the rent on time is one of the most important jobs for which you as a tenant is responsible for. Your landlord may depend on the rent to make the mortgage payments on the rental property, so if you pay the rent late it could have a financial impact on your landlord. Get into the habit of scheduling regular rent payments directly from your current account so your rent is always paid on time and there are no issues.

Another thing to bear in mind is as part of the screening process landlords may also request a reference from your previous landlord. This is not only to verify that you can afford the property, but also to check to see if you’ve ever fallen into rent arrears in the past. So paying your rent on time can help you when you’re looking for your next tenancy. 

Treat the  place like your own

Treating the place like your own and taking care of it will not only help to build up a great landlord recommendation should you decide to move in the future, but it could also help in ensuring the return of your rental deposit. Fair wear and tear is expected, but ensuring the property is not damaged is ideal. A dream tenant will keep the property clean, so as not to invite pest infestation or cause property damage. If you do not keep the property clean, the landlord may deduct the amount paid for extermination or repairs from your rental deposit as per the tenancy lease terms.

Report any damage immediately  

Normal wear and tear are inevitable in any home, but if there’s any accidental damage you should report it straight away. Nothing good will come from trying to hide any damage from your landlord. You’ll always be found out, and you could be penalised financially for it – or even evicted.

It’s your sole responsibility to report all repairs that are required. You could find yourself liable for paying for them if you don’t report them and allow further damage to occur. The landlord can only respond to what they are aware of!

Stick to the terms of your lease

There are many clauses to a lease, as well as provisions for how the property can and cannot be used. Make sure you read your lease and be aware of all such clauses, so you don’t face any issues further down the line.

Have Contents Insurance

You may not think that your possessions are worth much, but what if there was a fire or flood at the property you’re renting? How much would it cost to replace all your clothing, your gadgets, your electrical goods, jewellery and furnishings? Could you comfortably afford to replace them? If not, contents insurance may well be worth it. And the good news is our partner The Lettings Hub offer affordable, contents insurance, designed specifically for renters and includes Accidental Damage Cover and Tenants Liability Cover at no extra cost!

Be Honest

Finally, the most important quality of a good tenant is honesty. If something happens that negatively affects your financial situation and rent becomes unaffordable, a landlord will appreciate honest communication about the issue. While you’re not required to share all your personal information with the landlord, you are required to pay their rent throughout the term of the lease. If rent payments suddenly stop coming in, the landlord may have no choice but to move forward with an eviction. If you communicate with your landlord ahead of time, you may be able to break your lease without negatively impacting your rental history or work out an alternative agreement.

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