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Make your biggest expense work for you — report rental payments to boost your credit

Report to all 3 major Credit Rating Agencies
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What is Renttracking

Rent Tracking is a tool which helps improve your credit score without taking out a credit card or loan.

We’ll report your rent payments to the 3 largest CRA’s in the UK.
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Get rewarded for renting — simply get set up and let us do the rest. There's no need to change the way you pay rent.
Pay your rent as usual. We'll report your rent to the credit agencies as per the plan you've selected.

How does renttracking work?

Once you’ve chosen your CanopyGrow subscription, head to the RentTracking tool in app to get setup.

Enter your tenancy details
When you moved in and how much rent you pay.
Connect your bank
Identify your most recent rent transaction.
Get rewarded for renting
We’ll automatically report your rent payments every month. Renting will finally start paying off.
*Reporting your rent to Credit Referencing Agencies can improve your credit history and score, depending on rental payments being made on time and the impact of any negative behaviours.


What is RentTrackingTM ?

You pay rent every month. Isn’t it about time you got something back? RentTrackingTM lets you track your rent payments to build your credit history with Experian and credit score with Equifax and TransUnion. Which can help you access better rates and a wider range of financial products.

What are the benefits of RentTrackingTM?

Renting is often seen as dead money. But it doesn’t have to be. By enhancing your credit history with on-time rent payments you can improve your credit rating / score so it may become easier for you to:

  • Open a bank account
  • Get a new credit card
  • Have a loan or mortgage application approved

But also note a number of other factors can also affect these decisions, such as what other data is available to the lender and what a particular lenders approval policy is. Lending approval criteria varies from lender to lender.

How do I start?

Download the Canopy Renter app, Choose a plan that suits you, connect to Open Banking and start tracking your rent. It’s that simple.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! If you choose the Standard plan - as it’s free. But this only allows you to track your credit history with Experian. If you want to boost your credit score by tracking your rental payments then choose one of our paid plans. Note depending on the paid plan you choose you can see your credit score and report.

How will you use my data?

In a word, ethically. We will never use your data for personal gain or sell it to other companies. Rest assured, we only use your data in order to help us design the best financial wellness products for renters. However, if your data does get used for any other purpose, we’ll notify you in the app. For a full explanation of exactly how we use customer data, see our privacy policy.

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