What is the benefit of a digital Renter screening solution - aka Canopy Rent Passport?

For Renters

The approach by incumbent Tenant Screening companies is - "Tenants are guilty until proven otherwise"" -The whole process is invasive asking Tenants to upload payslips and bank statements and then only sharing screening results with the Letting Agent or Landlord.

Canopy's RentPassport aims to build TRUST between Renters, Lettings Agents and Landlords. We are putting Renters digital rental history at their fingertips - akin to LinkedIn for Renters.

RentPassport encourages greater renter mobility whilst rewarding Renters who pay their rent and bills on-time through an improved Experian credit history.

For Letting Agents and Landlords

For Landlords, its peace of mind knowing that each Renter has undergone comprehensive screening.

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