What information do I need to be verified on my Rent Passport?

Your name is entered as it is on your passport.

  1. Your date of birth is inputted correctly.
  2. Address history, start with you most recent address going backwards. Please do not enter any international addresses as Experian cannot valid this information.

Useful tips:

  • Do not put commas (,) or spaces in the free text address fields.
  • We recommend attempting variations of the address such as entered the building number and removing the flat number.
  • Check the address against Royal Mail find a postcode/address service.
  • If the postcode is not working on Experian systems, the address may be new or the post code may have changed.
  • If you have not registered on the electoral role and have no bills or banks registered at your current address, this may be hard for Experian to locate your information.

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