RentTracking isn’t working for me! What can I do?

Make sure the banking details you are entering are accurate. It may be worthwhile resetting passnumbers or codes if you have forgotten them.

RentTracking tracks your recurring rental payments, hence a regular direct debit or standing order would be best to get started. If this is not how you pay your rent, then we would recommend setting up a direct debit, making your first payment this way, and then beginning to track your outgoing rental payments through Canopy.

To troubleshoot on our webapp, it’s best to try a new internet broswer. Similarly if you are running apps or extensions (AdBlocker, VPNs etc) we would recommend disabling those while trying to set up RentTracking.

If you're using and iPhone, try reinstalling or updating the application. You can also try sigining in on our webapp on another device.

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